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THE WILD STALLION is a full-service photoshoots and public relation company in India, developing branding, content creation, digital storytelling, and luxury  for high-profile and leading brands in the beauty, fine jewelry, fashion, fine food, wines & spirits, real estate, and luxury lifestyle space. We deliver exceptional branding, memorable content, compelling storytelling, high conversion, and transformative growth. Elevating brands since 2016.

We elevate brands and push luxury forward.


We are full-service + multi-disciplinary. Our work: strategy-driven + visually rich.

You're a company looking to unlock more, push your brand forward, generate desire, and increase conversions.


We develop the tools to express it. When the brand essence is understood, its expression becomes simple.

Our Process

Exceptional. When you love what you do, you do what you love. And we LOVE every aspect of elevation.

Our Result

Elevating Brands Since 2016

6+ Years

A full-service photoshoot and public relation company for brands, specializing in beauty, fashion, jewellery, horology, fragrances, fine foods, wine & spirits, real estate, automotive, aviation, tourism, and hospitality.

Leading & Startup Brands Served


We deliver exceptional branding, memorable content, compelling storytelling, high conversion, and transformative growth.


Our Directors ensure exceptional delivery, data-infused creative flows, and most importantly a pleasant time while we hit your target goals.

The Founder & Creative Director

Rahul Kumar

With an eye for creativity and a burning desire to capture the beauty of a moment in a pictorial presentation, Rahul Kumar is more than a mere photographer. He weaves stories through his imagery, and is a storyteller in each form of his visual expression. 

His aesthetic is not limited to a particular niche, but is rather ever-evolving. It involves a myriad of emotions, expressions and depictions, all of which suggest the brilliance that a picture can exude. 

Speaking of the previously done work, Rahul Kumar has worked with an array of celebrities, such as Naseeruddin Shah, Sanjay Mishra, Sonu Sood, Kajal Aggerwal, Shriya Saran, Aakanksha Singh, Adah Sharma, Vivan Shah, Abhishek Nigam, Reem Sameer Shaikh and many more.


Rahul Kumar also worked with brands like; Bindani by Jigar & Nikita, Annu's Creation, Taj Jewels, Faabiiana, Trisvaraa, Mahima Group, Lays, Deyga, Perfect Time Pictures, mCaffeine and many more. 

His work has further been published in various national and international magazines; Northside, Malvie and L’utopia to name a few. His work has also been considered in the 3rd International Annual Photo Award 2017 competition. 

Rahul’s essence of craft is unparalleled. It knows no bounds, and no rules. It simply takes the form of what one desires, like water.

The Founder & Creative Director

Rahul Kumar

“You guys do everything. There is nothing THE WILD STALLION does not do. They do it all, beyond well, with the highest level of expertise and attention.”

We are a harmonious team of data-driven strategists, marketing specialists, creators and creative technologists all extremely passionate about the development of leading brands and startups. We build brands, create desire, and craft result-based digital strategies for transformative growth. We’re not just an company, we’re your group. An extension to your internal team. A highly proactive and driven team committed to the art of effectively communicating your message to your target market, whether it is through a re-brand, digital package, advertising campaign, pr + event production, or the combination of all our disciplines.

Our work compliments all of your communication channels within a national or international market. Founded in India 6+ years ago, now work globally.

The company was founded by Rahul Kumar, a fashion photographer and creative director for national and international brands. In 2016 THE WILD STALLION became a full-service company. Today we are a global team working with the world’s most leading and high-profile brands.

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